Bullet Proof Golden Milk

Autumn is definitely here, in more ways than just the fact that it’s November. Here is a wonderful way to get some warm, satiating healthy fats into your body with the awesome benefits of turmeric and other spices, featuring a Turmeric Spice Blend from Create Your Health Teas. This recipe is inspired by the classic Golden Milk recipe, but the emulsion blender gives it a modern twist inspired by the Bulletproof diet, and adds to the creamy aesthetics. This is sure to comfort your soul on a chilly evening or morning. The fat from the almond milk and coconut oil makes the turmeric more bioavailable, for an overall wonderful, healing cup of wellness– fuel for the body and the mind! Enjoy!!

bullet proof golden milk turmeric latte

2 cups almond milk
1 tbsp. Turmeric Spice Blend or comparable turmeric spice blend
2 tbsp. virgin coconut oil
1 tbsp. (or more if you like it sweet) Jaggery sugar, Piloncillo, or other natural sweetener

In a small sauce pan, whisk the almond milk, spice blend, and sweetener until well blended. Warm on low to medium heat until it just starts to simmer. Lower the heat to simmer, add the coconut oil, and blend with an immersion blender for about 20 seconds. If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can transfer the mixture to a conventional blender and blend on medium high for 10-15 seconds. When using a conventional blender, be careful when starting the blender, starting on low and gradually getting faster, as the hot liquid tends to produce a lot of pressure.

Pour into 2 mugs, and top with optional frothed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


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